Rum Runner Caramels


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Cashews. Banana. Rum. Caramel.

 Live out your island bootlegging dreams with this Rum Runner Caramel, packed with perfect sweetness and cashew crunch. Its banana touch gives it that island flair and each one is lovingly handcrafted to order, so you'll never find our caramels sitting in a warehouse. We're committed to using sustainable and local ingredients in all our creations, so every bite is a guilt-free indulgence. Place your order now to experience the fresh, tropical paradise of our caramels.

Ingredients:Sugar, Cream (milk), Butter (milk, salt), Corn Syrup, Spiced Rum, Rum Extract, Banana Extract, Vanilla Extract, Cashews and Fleur de Sel.

::ALLERGEN ALERT: Robbins Republic items may include and are created in a facility that processes common allergens including but not limited to: wheat, soy, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, fish, and shellfish::

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