Article II Cookie


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Brown Butter. Bourbon. Toffee. Chocolate.

Don't let go of your freedom so easily. This is our original creation, a top seller that can't be beat. Straight out of the oven, this cookie is the epitome of perfection - gooey chocolate, brown butter, and toffee flavors perfectly balanced with a touch of savory. And if you're lucky, you might even taste a hint of bourbon in every bite. Our cookies are always made with care, in small batches and only when you order - so you know they're always fresh. We even use locally sourced liquor in our recipes. We're committed to using sustainable and local ingredients in all of our products. When you place an order, we immediately get to work, ensuring that your cookies will be delivered at their peak freshness.


Ingredients: Brown butter, dark brown sugar, granulated sugar, AP flour, bread flour, egg, toffee, bourbon, vanilla bean paste, sea salt, baking soda, baking powder, and Valrhona dark & semi-sweet chocolate wafers and chips. 

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